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Term or phrase Plenitude
Status wired
Notes Plenitude "puts ecological and social functioning at its involves a way of life that will yield more well-being than sticking to business as usual...plenitude is about transition... (it) emphasizes innovation, macroeconomic balance, and careful attention to multiple sources of wealth.
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Resource description Plenitude: The New Economics of True Wealth, by Juliet Schor
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According to Juliet Schor, "Plenitude requires that we adopt cutting-edge green technologies. Without them we cannot ensure the survival of what humans have constructed, and we risk plunging into a hellish future. But it’s not a techno-fix. Solving our problems in the time we have available is not possible if all we do is change our technology. We will not arrest ecological decline or regain financial health without also introducing a different rhythm of work, consumption, and daily life, as well as alterations in a number of system-wide structures. We need an alternative economy, not just an alternative energy system."

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