Destination goals

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Term or phrase Destination goals
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Notes Destination goals are long-term goals which express the vision of the company to create social value through time-bound actions. For example, the Campbell Soup Company has set destination goals it hopes to achieve by 2020 which cover a ten-year period. Among these goals are cutting the company’s environmental footprint in half and advancing the nutrition and wellness profile of the product portfolio, among other goals.
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Resource description A Mission to Leverage Our Unique Role in Society

Campbell’s Corporate Imperative CSR Agenda is anchored in our core competencies, fueled by our employees’ innovation and driven by four key destination goals. We are on a journey that will leverage Campbell’s distinct strengths to solve the challenges and take advantage of opportunities for environmental sustainability — not as stand-alone functions, but as an essential framework to make better business decisions, advance nutrition and wellness, engage our employees and strengthen the communities where we live and work.

CSR Corporate Imperative 2020 Destination Goals

NOURISHING OUR PLANET: Cut the Environmental Footprint of Our Product Portfolio in Half

NOURISHING OUR NEIGHBORS: Measurably Improve the Health of Young People in Our Hometown Communities

NOURISHING OUR EMPLOYEES: Leverage CSR and Sustainability as Key Drivers of Employee Engagement in Our Culture

NOURISHING OUR CONSUMERS: Continue to Provide Consumers with Nutrition and Wellness Choices in Our Product Portfolio

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Resource description Creating Social Value, Cheryl Kiser, Deborah Leipziger, J. Janelle Shubert, Greenleaf, 2014, pages 17-23
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