Boundary spanner

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Term or phrase Boundary spanner
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Notes Leaders who create social value are pushing the boundaries of what is possible and innovating by creating linkages between different sectors, concepts, and technologies. Many entrepreneurial leaders are boundary spanners, including Bernie Glassman of Greyston Bakery and Eric Hudson of Preserve, blazing trails and innovating to create social value, while creating new business models and partnerships.
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Resource description Since 1982, Greyston, the country’s leading social enterprise, has provided individuals in Southwest Yonkers, NY with employment, skills and resources to lift them out of poverty. Greyston’s unique combination of Open Hiring at the world famous Greyston Bakery and PathMaking services offer a roadmap to assist individuals and families in visualizing and realizing their paths to self-sufficiency. Our spiritually-rooted philosophy fuels community development and a commitment to human growth and potential.
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